Western Vocals

Western Vocals

7 to 100 years

Course Level



Live Sessions

Course Duration

4 Weeks

Instruction Language


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Course Details

Batch Type


No of Sessions

8 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

Session Frequency

Twice a Week

Batch Starts 5th July

5:00pm (IND) | 3:30pm (UAE)

5:00pm (IND) | 3:30pm (UAE)

1500 3200 (INR)

( 187.5 per session )

Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Breathing technique
  2. Vocal exercise
  3. Vocal techniques
  4. Rhythm patterns
Week 1
  1. Breathing technique and exercises
  2. Vocal techniques
  3. learning notations (do re mi fa so la ti do’)
  4. What is rhythm and beats?
Week 2
  1. Singing song using vocal technique
  2. Understanding chest voice and head voice
  3. Exercise based on chest voice and head voice
Week 3
  1. Theory + practical
  2. Rhythm clapping exercise
  3. Understanding beats and their different speed
  4. Understanding the dynamics in vocals
  5. Note values
Week 4
  1. Vocal exercise based on solfege notes
  2. Staff notations
  3. time signatures
  4. Introduction to treble clef and bass clef

Instructor Details

Monisha Kuttappan

I am an enthusiastic musical soul. Always learning to get better. Music is limitless and inspires me also to live a life limitless. Music is also a discipline and it inspires me to discipline my life. Trained in classical music and western music. Aspire to learn more and Passionate to pass all that I learn to everyone equally passionate about music. Join me, so that both of us can grow together.

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