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7 to 15 years

Living in a country like India, learning the basics of a widely spoken language like Hindi is extremely important. Our Hindi online class includes the basics of reading and writing the language so you are never lost when you’re around people who fluently speak the language. Moreover, a Hindi speaking course can give you a wide arena to explore and provide opportunities that you have never had before.

Get an overview of the program by signing up for the free trial class by The Hobby Tribe and see what you’re getting into. A trained professional will guide you through this journey and make sure that you are learning everything you need to. Don’t be afraid, and feel more confident with every word you say.

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Live Sessions

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1 hour

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4 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

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Once a Week

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Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Introduction to 11 vowels of Hindi
  2. Reading vowels
  3. Writing vowels
  1. A notebook
  2. A strong internet connection
  3. Video should be switched on
  4. Your enthusiasm
Week 1
  1. Introduction to vowels (swar varna) with examples
  2. Get adequate with the phonetic sounds of each letter
  3. Learn to write them all serially
  4. Review & refine what you learnt
Week 2
  1. Revising the vowels & introduction of consonants
  2. Knowing the sound of each letter with examples
  3. Writing the letters one by one serially
Week 3
  1. Continuation of the consonants
  2. Knowing each of their sound with examples
  3. Writing the letters one by one serially
Week 4
  1. Completion of consonants & revision of vowels
  2. Mixing the letters and construction of 2 letter words
  3. Review & reine what you learnt

Instructor Details

Barkha Jagtiani

I am an enthusiastic teacher. I have been teaching for more than 20 years. The three D's of my life are Discipline, Determination, and Dedication.

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