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We Are A Group Of Hobby Enthusiasts Who Want To Bring Change To The Way Hobbies Are Viewed. We Believe Everyone Should Have The Ability And Chance To Learn Something New In This Ever-expanding World Of Opportunity.

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We Realize That It Can Be Expensive And Inconvenient Trying To Find A Class Or Lesson That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle. The Hobby Tribe Wants To Change This Mindset And Work With You By Creating Flexibility Within Hobbies Of Your Choosing. With The Hobby Tribe, Gone Are The Days Of Creating Excuses For Not Trying Something New And Picking Up A Hobby That Suits Your Liking. We Offer Budget Rates And Immense Opportunities For You To Start Learning Something New. The Future Of Hobbies Is Here!

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Joshua Salins

CEO and Founder

Gaurav Mirchandani

COO and Co-Founder

Charles William

CTO and Co-Founder

Swen Wegner

International Advisor

Debasis Chakraborty

International Advisor

Carol Pereira

Head of Operations

Fabian Roacha

Head of Marketing

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