About Us

We are a group of hobby enthusiasts who want to bring change to the way hobbies are viewed. We believe everyone should have the ability and chance to learn something new in this ever-expanding world of opportunity.

We realize that it can be expensive and inconvenient trying to find a class or lesson that fits your busy lifestyle. The Hobby Tribe wants to change this mindset and work with you by creating flexibility within hobbies of your choosing. With The Hobby Tribe, gone are the days of creating excuses for not trying something new and picking up a hobby that suits your liking. We offer budget rates and immense opportunities for you to start learning something new. The future of hobbies is here!

Our Logo

The Eagle is a symbol of power, action, creativity and focused vision. It is considered supreme in the air! It is pro-active and operates with grace.

The Lion is a symbol of courage, strength, leadership and royalty. It is considered supreme on land ! To stand your ground and flaunt your hobby with pride !

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to create a culture throughout India that revives the importance of engaging in hobbies within daily lifestyles. We at The Hobby Tribe want to help others realize they are never too old or young to learn something new."

Our Team

Joshua Salins

Founder and CEO

A Bio-Medical Engineer by profession, with an ecstatic love for all Hobbies

Gaurav Mirchandani

Co-Founder and COO

An IT Engineer and One of the brilliant minds behind this beautiful website

Charles William

Co-Founder and CTO

An IT Engineer who Strives for nothing less than perfection, 100% true to his work

Bhumi Haria

Web Designer

A Bio-Tech Engineer with an outstanding love for Art and Design