Study math the better way, discover Abacus
11 Oct 2021

It is a sight to watch young kids twitch their fingers in thin air and come to the conclusion of a complex math problem. It is fascinating, it is magical, and it is something you wish your child could do as well.

You may want them to pick it up as one of their many new hobbies to learn, or maybe to help your kid overcome their challenge in the field of mathematics. Fret not, you are at the hub of e-learning courses and the one-stop destination for online hobby classes- The Hobby Tribe. With us, your children can take up any e-learning courses online and this is the perfect place for them to start!


So, what is this ‘twitching of fingers’ these kids practice? Have you heard about Abacus before? If not, let me tell you!

Abacus is a calculation tool that consists of beads and strings that is usually fit into a wooden frame. It has been used in various parts of the world and it has been in use for more than 5000 years. Yes, you heard it right! Five Thousand Years!

So, when the world is evolving further why should your child select Abacus as one of the many hobbies to do online? For starters, this is a perfect and permanent substitute for rote learning the lengthy multiplication tables.

Apart from helping your kids practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, it would also interest you to know that their speed of calculation increases tremendously. Not only does it help with a simple calculation, but also with something that needs to be as accurate as solutions to an arithmetic problem.


Although ancient, the modern applications of the abacus are only evolving with time. This method of calculation is still relevant due to the number of benefits it is providing you.

If your child is visually impaired, learning the abacus instead of using a calculator is much more efficient. Blind children are often taught to use the abacus as an alternative to pen and paper calculation. The growth is not just limited to calculations and maths. It helps you improve your other mental abilities as well.

It inculcates patience, concentration, visualization and imagination. To top it all, it enhances the coordination between your eyes, ears and hands. Well, what better way to stimulate both, the right and the left side of the brain, at the same time.


All being said, you may be worried about choosing the perfect time and venue for your child. It is no more a concern you should have when The Hobby Tribe has brought Abacus classes online, especially to overcome inconveniences like this!

No more searching “abacus classes near me” or wandering off to find free online hobby courses! You can now learn abacus online!

The Hobby Tribe’s live online classes will help your child understand the basics of using the abacus and help them breeze past the beginner stage with ease.

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