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28th Feb 2022

It must not be a new thing to hear someone say “This image is definitely photoshopped!”

Have you ever stopped to wonder what it exactly means? Have you ever understood what it means to ‘photoshop’ something? If you are one of the people working in the creative industry, you may have heard people It’s as simple as simple can get.

It is as simple as simple could be. It comes from the software known as Adobe Photoshop which is used to edit photographs, make digital art and indulge in graphic designing. There- you have it! It’s a very interesting software that enhances your creativity and upscales you tremendously. If it interests you already, head to our booking page and sign yourself up for a free photoshop tutorial class.

Why should I learn Photoshop?

In a sea of creative people, you may sometimes find yourself to be lost. No matter if you are a writer or a singer, a little knowledge about photo-editing software can go a long way. It is an incredibly powerful software that comes with a simple to use interface which is made simpler for you by our experienced mentors.

  1. Channel your creative energy


    A photoshop tutorial class is the perfect way to fine-tune your inner artist through the digital medium and venture into this world! Discover the different sets of tools, understand how to use them and make the best out of them while creating your digital art as you see it on your Instagram reels. Paint your dream artwork, digitally. Sign up now!

  2. Make your personal photos look appetizing


    You sometimes feel that your pictures are lacking the oomph it needs to go viral. The colours are all over the place, you want to add something to the photos and you want to make it look stunning. Do all of it and more with the help of a photoshop tutorial class! Right from correcting your colours to adding or ‘photoshopping’ some elements, you will learn all of it at our photoshop tutorial class for beginners!

  3. Deliver presentations that will impress your boss


    Let’s say you have now bagged your dream job but what next? You are supposed to present to a potential client and why they should hire your company.

    You may be great at your oratory skills but all of it is going to lack the visual factor if you do not hit the nail right where it needs to be! A well-designed presentation adds a lot of value to what you are going to speak. The Hobby Tribe’s beginner level photoshop tutorial class will help you understand what you need to do to get there!

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