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7 to 100 years

Is there anything better than finding a way to capture traditional art in the right way? Folk art has been around for centuries but today, you can learn and apply it in ways that you could never think of. Folk art classes will help you connect with the culture and understand show the discipline came about in the first place. You can learn many types of folk art, including Warli painting and so on. These folk art classes are to be conducted by a professional mentor who will guide you and make sure you get value for the time you are investing.

Learning folk art online has its own benefits. You can sit at home and begin your journey that will change the way you look at traditional art. Get deeper insights about what every stroke on paper means and sharpen your skill today. It is always special to create something meaningful, isn’t it?

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Live Sessions

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1 hour

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4 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

Session Frequency

Once a Week

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Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Introduction to madhubani
  2. Get aquainted with the tools
  1. Sketch pens(set of 12)
  2. Pencil, eraser, ruler
  3. Black ohp marker
  4. A4 size papers - 5 nos
Week 1
  1. Basic patterns
  2. Drawing the picture
Week 2
  1. Making a madhubani painting
  2. Basic patterns
Week 3
  1. Introduction to gond art
  2. Drawing the picture on the panels
Week 4
  1. Painting the gond picture
  2. Making a paper lantern

Instructor Details

Vinita Nadkarni

I am a kindergarten teacher, arts and crafts teacher (20 yrs) and a remedial educator. I am passionate about folk art and craft. I use my experience as a remedial educator to communicate the true essence of being mindful through art and helping my students become aware of their strengths. I am a teacher by profession but an artist by passion. With different techniques and media, I am all set to begin my crafting journey and spread good vibes with mindful art. Connect with me to learn few interesting crafts.

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