Water Colour Art

Water Colour Art Class Online

5 to 14 years

Pigment dissolved in water and bound by a colloid agent… wait a minute. Taking watercolour painting lessons do not have to be so difficult. It is as easy as it gets with The Hobby Tribe.

Too much water? Too little colour? The right brush size? Get all your questions answered at our regular watercolour lessons online! It does not matter if you are taking our watercolour art classes for therapeutic reasons, trying your hand for the first time or even just to splash some colours around, our instructor will make sure you have fun! More importantly make incredible designs, impress your friends and upgrade yourself to an advanced stage by the end of this watercolour painting course. What are you waiting for? Sign up for the trial class today and make the most out of this opportunity!

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Live Sessions

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1 hour

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4 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

Session Frequency

Once a Week

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Day and Time will be mentioned in the free class

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Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Different brush techniques using watercolours
  2. Introduction to shading and blending
  3. Creating a painting using the above techniques
  1. Watercolours
  2. Black sketch pen, brushes, pencil
  3. Paper
  4. A strong internet connection
  5. Video should be switched on
  6. Your enthusiasm
Week 1
  1. Implementation of the basic blending and shading techniques into different objects
Week 2
  1. Layering and depth effects in shading with watercolor
Week 3
  1. Detailed painting of landscapes and scenery
Week 4
  1. Continuation from week 3 and advanced watercolor techniques Final painting: using the techniques learnt in class

Instructor Details

Sakshi Shah

My name is Sakshi Shah, I’m a student and an artist. For me art is not just a hobby but also a passion which allows me to express myself and defines who I am. I’ve been doing art for 17 years. I believe art is a great way to express and let out emotions of one’s mind as it’s a positive activity and brings out the best in a person. Psychologically it has been proven that art is a great way of therapy and keeping one emotional health in check. It would be my honour to share my art skills with you and be able to spread the same joy of happiness I experience through art!

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