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10 to 100 years

Beatboxing may look easy, but there is a certain craft that follows its discipline. Lucky for you, our beatboxing lessons for beginners are perfect for anyone looking to master it. Sharpen your skill and learn from a trained professional who will guide you through your journey. The beatboxing course includes an intensive training period during which you will get a chance to enhance your skill further.

Beatboxing online classes are not just informative but are also extremely fun. An expression art form like this one ensures that you slowly, but surely create your own voice and style to do what you love. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!

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Live Sessions

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1 hour

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4 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

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Once a Week

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Learning Path

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  1. Four core sounds of beatboxing.
  2. The do's and don’t of beatboxing.
  3. Learning basic pattern.
  1. A notebook
  2. A strong internet connection
  3. Video should be switched on
  4. Your enthusiasm
Week 1
  1. -Learning and practice of the core basic sounds of beatboxing.
  2. The kick drum (B).
  3. The outward K snare (k).
  4. The High hat (T, F).
Week 2
  1. Runover of the previous class.
  2. Building muscle memory.
  3. Learning two new Sounds.
  4. The inward K snare (K).
  5. The spit snare (The Bmg snare)
Week 3
  1. Learning and practice of different patterns & techniques.
  2. Learning of three new sounds.
  3. The pf snare (pf).
  4. The tongue bass (rolling of Rs) & clicks.
Week 4
  1. Runover of the previous class.
  2. Learning advance patterns and melodies.
  3. Learning two new Sounds.
  4. The Basic lip oscillation.
  5. Harmonizing of beats and sounds, and addition of vocals.

Instructor Details

Harsh Tantia

Hey guys my name is harsh , born and brought up in Kolkata, I have been beatboxing for 3 - 4 years now and I can't wait to use my knowledge to teach others who would like to learn this art form.

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