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3 to 15 years

Not all schools teach the art of the Chinese Abacus. Opt for our Abacus online classes today to learn all that goes behind mastering it. With a highly detailed course structure, you will be ready to view mathematics in a completely different way. What’s more? These Abacus online classes can be attended from the comfort of your own home.

Starting from the beginner’s level, you can move up to the advanced level in no time. Live sessions by skilled mentors add a personal touch to your learning process. These Soroban classes help you train your mind and this eventually leads to a more developed thought process. Sign up today!

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Live Sessions

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1 hour

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4 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

Session Frequency

Once a Week

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Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Parts of Abacus
  3. How to hold the Abacus and Bead Value
  1. A notebook
  2. A strong internet connection
  3. Video should be switched on
  4. Your enthusiasm
Week 1
  1. Converting Beads to Numbers and Numbers to Beads
  2. Using the Right hand on Abacus
  3. Using Left Hand Index Finger on Abacus
  4. Using Right Hand Middle Finger on Abacus
Week 2
  1. Understanding Units and Tens Bead
  2. Addition and Subtraction sums
Week 3
  1. Understanding formula +9
  2. Using Both hands Index Finger together
  3. Understanding formula +8
  4. Spead writing, Flash cards
Week 4
  1. Understanding formula +7
  2. Understanding formula +6
  3. Test
  4. Spead writing, Flash cards

Instructor Details

Rexford D'Costa

I'm Rexford D'Costa, holding a Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies, teaching Brain Development Programme for over 15 years. I believe that their is no Good Brain or Bad Brain, only Trained and Untrained Brain.

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