Python Programming

Python Programming

13 to 18 years

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Live Sessions

Course Duration

4 Weeks

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8 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

Session Frequency

Twice a Week

Batch Starts 15th May

7:30pm (IND) | 6:00pm (UAE)

7:30pm (IND) | 6:00pm (UAE)

1500 3200 (INR)

( 187.5 per session )

Learning Path

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  1. Introduction to python
  2. How to make a calculator in python
  3. Taking input from terminal
  4. Printing data on terminal
Week 1
  1. Introduction to programming and python installation
  2. Learning and practicing variables and expressions
  3. Printing data and taking user input
Week 2
  1. Introduction to control structures and start with conditional phrases
  2. Venturing into looping structures
  3. Choosing the right structure for given problem
  4. Milestone: Using all learned techniques, we will create a game
Week 3
  1. Starting with functions and function calls
  2. How to use functions and implementing type check
Week 4
  1. Error handling in Python
  2. Debugging a program effectively
  3. Glimpse of Object Oriented Programming

Instructor Details

Pratik Choudhari

I am a Pratik and I am a 2020 B.E graduate. My plan is to pursue further education and help/collaborate with fellow students to excel in the field of computer science. My ultimate interest lies in python programming and promoting it's awareness. Other than this, I utterly love cycling and planting. I am driven by daily learning and persistent improvements.

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