Dot Art

Dot Art

14 to 100 years

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Live Sessions

Course Duration

4 Weeks

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Course Details

Batch Type


No of Sessions

8 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

Session Frequency

Twice a Week

Batch Starts 13th May

2:00pm (IND) | 12:30pm (UAE)

2:00pm (IND) | 12:30pm (UAE)

1500 3200 (INR)

( 187.5 per session )

Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Introduction to tools
  2. Making types of dots
  3. Sketching a motif
  4. Filling in the design
  1. A4 size paper or drawing sheets
  2. Ruler, pencil, eraser
  3. 2 ear buds, 1 toothpick, fat brush
  4. Acrylic paints or water colour tubes
Week 1
  1. Introduction to tools
  2. Preparing the base
  3. Making the design
  4. Filling in the design
Week 2
  1. Introduction to aboriginal dot art
  2. Sketching the elements of aboriginal art
  3. Preparing the background for the painting
  4. Sketching the scenary
Week 3
  1. Filling in the design
  2. Completion of the painting
  3. Making a frame
  4. Preparing the base of the frame
Week 4
  1. Designing a pattern for the frame
  2. Filling in the pattern
  3. Making a coaster
  4. Painting an element from nature

Instructor Details

Vinita Nadkarni

I am a kindergarten teacher, arts and crafts teacher (20 yrs) and a remedial educator. I am passionate about folk art and craft. I use my experience as a remedial educator to communicate the true essence of being mindful through art and helping my students become aware of their strengths. I am a teacher by profession but an artist by passion. With different techniques and media, I am all set to begin my crafting journey and spread good vibes with mindful art. Connect with me to learn few interesting crafts.

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