Story Telling

Story Telling

4 to 10 years

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Live Sessions

Course Duration

4 Weeks

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Course Details

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No of Sessions

8 Sessions

Session Length

60 mins

Session Frequency

Twice a Week

Batch Starts 1st May

5:00pm (IND) | 3:30pm (UAE)

5:00pm (IND) | 3:30pm (UAE)

1500 3200 (INR)

( 187.5 per session )

Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Meditation specially designed leading to storyland
  2. The funny story
  3. Personal narratives
  4. Art therapy
Week 1
  1. Welcome to our story circle with a story revolving around the beautiful friendship of a tadpole and a fish
  2. Learning Outcome- The child imbibes the importance of a good friend and instills the lifeskill of contentment
Week 2
  1. Join me for a live and lyrical performance of a story that takes us through the adventures of a greedy crocodile who is in search of children for his lunch
  2. Learning Outcome- The child learns the value of being humble and kind
Week 3
  1. Deep down the ocean lived a colourful and beautiful fish who just did not like anyone in the ocean
  2. Learning Outcome- The child learns how to master the art of happiness
Week 4
  1. How do you feel when you lose your favourite thing? Someone has lost his favourite hat and in order to find it he has enquired with each and every sea creature about it
  2. Learning Outcome- The child subtly learns responsibility and willingness to help

Instructor Details

Priya Narayan

I'm a professional educator, writer and storyteller with 18 years of experience. I'm the Founder of Sparkling Stories- under which I conduct storytelling workshops for all age groups combined with meditation, art therapy and theatre.

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