Age Group - 5 years and above

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Batch Details (P10a)
(Twice a Week, 60 mins per class)
Saturday 7:30pm (IND ) 6:00pm (UAE )
Sunday 7:30pm (IND ) 6:00pm (UAE )
Batch Type Group
Batch Starts 6th March
1500 3200

For 8 LIVE Classes

( 187.5 per session )

Learning Path

Free Trial
  1. Setting up a chess board
  2. Understanding how different pieces move
Week 1
  1. Learning the fundamental tactics
  2. The key strategies to play a game
Week 2
  1. Understanding the structure
  2. Different phases of a game
Week 3
  1. Opening basics
  2. Time management(handling time pressure)
Week 4
  1. Etiquette while playing
  2. Middle game

Instructor Details

Joshua Stephen

My name is Joshua Stephen, I’m currently doing my Bachelor in Arts at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. Chess is not just a hobby but also a passion that helps me to express myself and, in many ways, defines who I am. I have been playing chess for more than 10 years now. I believe all chess players are artists and as much as it is perceived as a game of logic and reasoning, it takes a lot of creativity to master the 64 squares. My favourite chess player is Vasyl Invanchuk and my games are heavily influenced by his style of play.