You don’t have to search for best singing classes near me anymore. Here’s why!
20th Dec 2021

Singing comes naturally to a lot of us, especially during our showers. We have even given a name to ourselves- bathroom singers!

Have you ever thought about what makes us feel like our voice is pleasant, sometimes better than it has always been while we are in the shower? Well, the hard wall surface, often tiles, creates an environment that is acoustic and pleasing to our ears! If you ever felt like you want to create a similar and ear-catching environment, then you are at the right place.

The Hobby Tribe is the hub of e-learning courses that provides vocal training across three different categories. We offer weekly sessions according to a time slot of your convenience. Get introduced to the world of music in a month and decide for yourself if you are cut out for it or not!

  1. Western Vocal


    If you are an absolute novice when it comes to music, undergoing training for western vocals is the first thing you should do! No music classes near you will tell you how this benefits you.

    It covers all the basics of singing, right from body awareness and breathing techniques and even understanding your chest voice and head voice.

    The instructor at The Hobby Tribe will ensure this to be an enjoyable learning process for you. During this 4-week course, you will learn about notations, rhythm exercises, understand beats and their speed and many more things!

    What are you waiting for? Find yourself in the city of celestial music, sign up right away!

  2. Hindustani Classical


    Once you have aced as a beginner and are feeling ready to take the next step, then dive right into Hindustani classical music!

    Improvise, explore and adapt to all aspects of the raga. It is beautiful, it is melodic and it is soothing to listen to. However, the dedication and love you have to have towards music are immense if you want to excel as a musician. Hindustani classical music will bear testament to that!

    It does not have to be boring! Our instructor will help you learn and understand complex concepts in a manner that you will thoroughly enjoy. Sign up now!

  3. Beatboxing


    When we say vocal training, beatboxing is rarely something that comes to our mind! We often associate this with hip-hop and self-learning. It does not have to be like that! The Hobby Tribe makes sure of this.

    Learn beatboxing and the ins and outs of this art from a practising beatboxer who will train you and make you battle ready! Learn the core of beatboxing, basic sounds, and even build your muscle memory.

    What’s even better is that you will learn and practice different patterns and techniques that will sound way too cool while you drop some beats for a rapper during a cypher. Get your tongue rolling, sign up right away!


All you need to sign up for these courses is a good internet connection, a notebook and your enthusiasm through and through! Rest assured, you will have a gala time learning, understanding and practising music with a lot of like-minded people.

Your creative expression is your right and nobody can take it away from you. Create your own niche and do what you actually love. Get started right away with The Hobby Tribe!