Sue, stitch, save- learning Aari work has a lot of health and wealth benefits!
29th Nov 2021

We are constantly on the lookout for new things to learn. It does not matter what we learn. It is about the adrenaline rush of picking up a new hobby, learning how to do it and actually being able to complete a task.

If you are one of them, we have got you covered. The Hobby Tribe is the hub of e-learning courses. Pick from a spectrum of hobbies right from the ones that are performative to even arts and crafts. Unleash your hidden talent with hobby classes online!

Talking about arts and crafts, did you know that Aari work classes are catching up as a fad amongst the young and the old alike? Aari work, or embroidery as it is commonly known, is a craft that requires you to use nothing but a needle in order to decorate a fabric in a design of your choice.

Well, that’s not it! Once you catch up with the beginner level Aari work classes at The Hobby Tribe, you can even incorporate other materials such as pearls, beads, quills and sequins. Sign up today!

Why should I take Aari work classes?

The reasons I am going to list are not a few and you may need more than a sentence to get convinced. It is not because I can not, it is because I want you to know the range of things you are doing through just one hobby- learning how to do Aari work through embroidery classes online.

  1. It transcends to other areas of your life

    Hand-eye coordination, colour theory, design and planning skills are all developed by practising embroidery. These do not only improve your fine motoring skills but also gives you a practical experience of art and life management.

  2. It is easy to learn


    All you need is your time and patience to learn the craft of embroidery. Well, no, you will have to get a needle, coloured threads, a piece of material or clothing, an embroidery hoop AND your time, patience and enthusiasm. After that, it is a cakewalk!

  3. It is therapeutic


    Practising embroidery busts your stress, helps you focus, clears your mind and keeps all of your worries and chaotic thoughts at bay. The repetitive movements of working the stitches can be extremely meditative and soothing. Connect with yourself and keep the digital world away.


The Hobby Tribe indulges in Aari work teaching to build a culture of self-sufficient individuals, irrespective of gender, age and profession. This is why most of The Hobby Tribe’s online hobby learning courses are open to all, including the embroidery class.

Four weeks, four sessions, one hour as per your convenience. Learn the craft of hand embroidery sitting at home and get hands-on knowledge while you unleash your skills.

Sign up for a free trial today!