May The Word Be With You
08 Nov 2020

'You have just one life but a million hearts to touch,' and as I say this, I wake up every day thankful for the gift of speech. Growing up, speaking with spontaneity has been my long suit. As an ambivert, I could never figure out how much talking is too much talking. The more I interacted, the faster I developed a knack for it. This led me to propel my interest in public speaking. Be it a formal or casual setting, public speaking opportunities helped me accomplish my drive for expression. And so, the desire to connect with an audience is never unrealized.

At Hobby Tribe, the decision to share this skill only got more firm. A scaffolding that held me and those others to pursue their hobby and present their best selves to the world outside.

It is never the coercion to speak, but the delight in speaking that keeps me in this hobby. The pleasure to speak my heart out, by using the right blend of words, increases my love for public speaking by the day.

And then, you have established in your mission, when each word coming of your mouth will attract a hundred ears to listen to.