If you love making friends, these hobbies are for you!
13 Sep 2021

Calling out to all my extrovert friends out there, this is your sign to join the hobby class you have been eyeing. We have curated a cool list of hobbies that will help you achieve your goal while having the time of your life with like-minded people. Joining hobbies in a group is a great way of interacting with people who are equally passionate about the same thing that you are.

This allows you to gain more perspective on various things and look at them in a completely different way. It also helps you gain insights that you never thought of before. In fact, it is the best way of learning something new. However, if you’re an introvert, don’t click out just yet. Some of these hobbies offer one-on-one sessions too, if being in a group is not your jam!

  1. Dance Classes


    Grooving to your favourite beat and getting lost in the tunes is what you’d like to focus on, then let out all your frustration at a dance class. It may leave you drained, sweaty and tired but more importantly, it’s going to make you feel fulfilled. Dancing is a highly recommended group activity for anyone who is into it.

  2. Book Clubs

    Are you someone who loves discussing, debating and finding deeper connotations in books? Then find people who think the way you do and join a book club immediately. This way, you will be able to keep a track of the books that are trending and having interesting and satisfactory conversations with people who understand your language.

  3. Fitness Clubs

    Fitness Club

    Be it cycling or running, or just overall fitness - find a group and be a part of it. This way, you will be regular and have someone to relate to the process you are undergoing. Fitness clubs keep you healthy and motivated to be consistent.

  4. Art Classes

    Art classes

    Experimenting with creativity comes naturally when you are with people with who you can relate with. In an art class, the scope to socialise is vast and hence you enjoy your class and while away the time without even realising it. At the same time, it is impressive to see the different interpretations each one would come up with, making the experience that much better.

These hobby ideas are will help you meet people, create friendships and even ever-lasting bonds. As we grow older, it becomes more and more difficult to make friends. However, this is one great way of breaking the monotonous routine and getting to know the people around you. Check out the list of group hobbies arranged by The Hobby Tribe and sign up for them today!