Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Hobby
03 Aug 2021

We, at The Hobby Tribe, believe that you definitely need an escape from the mundane life of the weekdays. A lot of people around the world live for the weekends, they find a sense of peace when a Saturday approaches. In the ever-changing world and the never-ending scope of work load, humans need to rest and rejuvenate themselves every now and then. This is where your hobbies come in, What’s a hobby you ask? A hobby is essentially an activity one performs on a regular basis in their leisure time. Well we’re sure you might have a hobby as well, like the whole world does, we’re more concerned about why you should have a hobby in the first place?

  1. Hobbies help you structure your mind


    When you spend your leisure time doing something you like, it revitalizes you. It declutters the chaos and confusion in your mind and allows you to start fresh. Hobbies clubbed with passion can help you focus on your tasks better. Take for example a game of chess, when you regularly play the game, it sharpens your skills, this not only helps your thinking process but also structures your mind for your everyday work tasks.

  2. They help you foster new connections


    Hobbies are a great way to network and meet new like-minded people. When you socialise with people who have similar interests, your knowledge and productivity increases and you foster new connections. This helps you with your work/business as these connections eventually become your work relationships. For example, you join a hobby class to learn guitar and you find someone who is in their late 40s, established and wanting to spend their spare time learning guitar. They could be potential clients or investors. You will be astounded to know what hobbies can do and how they can help you grow.

  3. Hobbies make you more interesting


    Hobbies are nothing but an extension of you as an individual. Hobbies that are built on the pillars of hardwork and determination, eventually become your identity. Today, people are not just known by their work and paychecks, they are known by their art, their extracurriculars and their hobbies. J.K Rowling wouldn’t have been J.K. Rowling, if it wasn’t for her passion for writing and telling a story or Freddie Mercury wouldn’t have been Freddie Mercury if it wasn’t for his dedication and love for music and singing.

  4. They help you cope with stress.


    According to a research study at the University of California, Matthew Zawadzki, a health psychologist says that leisure activity can provide immediate stress relief. Moreover, when you are living without stress, you have improved focus, happiness and a longer life. If you engage in pursuing your hobbies for hours and extend it to days, you feel better by the end of a practice and reduce chances of depression and anxiety. Stress definitely has become a regular part of our lives, but if hobbies can help us deal with it better, what’s the harm right?

  5. You see yourself accomplishing something


    Lastly, when you are juggling multiple things in life, working hard to make ends meet and give your best in this competitive world, hobbies make you feel like you are taking a walk on the beach and there is no pressure to run in a rat race. You take as long as you want. This makes you feel like you are accomplishing something, completely a task, a level or learning a hobby to its maximum potential.