Chess, a sport that will turn your kids into masterminds!
22nd Nov 2021

During the onset of a seemingly never-ending pandemic, everything and everyone went digital. Your work, your shopping, your kids’ school and even your kids’ engagement with friends. It changed the way we use the internet. We were shut inside the four walls we call ‘home.’

A lot of us endeared these moments while a few dreaded it. Irrespective, The Hobby Tribe took things online to teach people across all age groups a new hobby, one month at a time. Browse through our ‘Find Hobby’ section and you will find many, and rest assured, at least one will catch your fancy!

One such hobby that skyrocketed during the digital shift was chess. Yes, it is highly probable that one of your kids took chess classes online and there’s a finite chance they have become masters at it! If they have not, it’s never too late to start.

Let us tell you why you should sign your kid up for chess classes online right away!

  1. Enables cognitive development


    Along with being a great way to improve your memory, chess will enhance your child’s overall cognitive development.

    It will elevate your kid’s level of focus, enhance creativity and even coerce them into thinking from an alternative perspective; in this situation, the opponent’s perspective. Well, it is no news that with every match won your child will receive immediate gratification, even validation; and every match lost will teach them an important lesson.

    Sign your child up for chess classes online and watch them stand out from the crowd!

  2. Chess is a fun sport


    There are no two same matches in chess, ever. The possibility of it happening is extremely low. Moreover, it is a social activity; your child will need another person to play chess with. It will enhance their social and relationship building skills which are very important skill-sets to have as they move forward in life.

    The Hobby Tribe’s chess classes for kids has made it extremely convenient for your kids to pick up on strategies early on and apply them as they play.

  3. Chess teaches self-discipline


    Chess is a sport that, if played amongst equals, can go on for a long time. It requires patience, focus and utmost dedication. Engaging in a sport like this will teach your kids the importance of self-discipline.

    It also gives them a sense of self-confidence and sportsmanship, both of which will translate into their real-life experiences as well.

    Encourage your kids to take up chess as a hobby and watch them change the way they think!


The Hobby Tribe’s chess classes for kids will help them understand the nitty-gritty of the sport and teaches everything that a beginner needs to learn.

Moreover, with the world going digital, chess classes online are the best way to manage your kids’ schedule amidst a busy week filled with submissions, school work and other physical activities. The Hobby Tribe only asks for one hour every week, and by the end of this course, our instructor will help your child with everything they need to advance to the next level!

Experience it yourself. Head over to the ‘Find Hobby’ tab on our website and sign up for a free online chess class today!