Being multi-lingual is the only way forward
03 Oct 2021

Do you know how many languages are there in the world? The number is more than 7000. Each and every language come with complexities of their own. If you have learnt an extra language apart from your native tongue, and English of course, you know how it works.

The global landscape is changing, the world is conversing in more than one language and yet here we are, obsessing over English.

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and French isn’t far behind.


It does not matter if you are a child, a teenager or a young adult; a working professional, a parent or a senior citizen; learning new skills online or picking up a new language never came with an age barrier, and nothing is going to change it now!

A long day at school, a difficult day at work, or maybe you are not able to manage your schedule. That’s exactly why The Hobby Tribe offers your online hobby classes to upgrade your list of talents, pick up new skills, and learn a new language.

The benefits of learning a new language are many. It is one of the many new skills to learn at home and even benefit from it.

At the very core, the world is becoming more and more interconnected, opening a wide range of opportunities for people who are skilled at multiple languages.

Being able to connect with someone in their native language is an incredibly rewarding aspect. There is nothing better than being able to converse with the locals in their native tongue!

Don’t miss out on experiencing the culture in your dream destination first-hand, only because you decided against learning a language. The lockdowns are being lifted, travel is taking off and this is the perfect opportunity for you to take language lessons, don’t miss it!


Have you ever wondered- what if you could watch your favourite Netflix shows in the language it is made in? How about Money Heist? Imagine Nairobi talking fluent Spanish, and you understand every single word. The hassle of reading the subtitle is thrown out of the window.

You feel connected, right? This is exactly why you should consider taking language classes online.

We know you may have wanted to learn a new language as just one of your many hobby courses. However, the advantages are not just limited to satiating the hobby enthusiast in you but also helps you earn some extra bucks. The rise in career opportunities for people who are multi-lingual is significantly higher than the ones who ply their trade in a single language.

This is the perfect way for you to challenge your brain, improve your communication skills and equip yourself with the means to a better future. It is no longer a thing that is just one of the hobbies to do online, it is way more than that!

The Hobby Tribe offers you, online language lessons, for French as well as Spanish. These sessions will help you understand the basics and apply them in your daily conversations. Sign up for a free trial right away!