5 Hobbies that Make your Brain Work Smarter According to Science
07 Jan 2021

Could you make something smarter for fun? Oh, it turns out you will profit from your beloved hobby except by wasting time. The longer you use your brain, introducing it to fresh stimuli, it gets stronger, not unlike your muscles, according to scientific studies. If you challenge your brain, the grey matter increases, and your IQ increases.

Wonderful, isn't it? So here are the 5 hobbies that make your brain work smarter according to science.

  1. Cooking


    You're wrong if you believe cooking is just food preparation. It's not only making you smarter but it's also making you healthier. You unleash your creativity while preparing your meals and cooking all kinds of food. It also increases the concentration by paying more attention to specifics during the cooking process. It also makes you more conscious of what you feed on.

  2. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

    Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

    Over the years, neuroscientists have been doing research on the benefits of music therapy for children in terms of increased cognitive functions – memory, problem-solving, sequential processing, and pattern recognition.

    The playing of an instrument raises the volume of the grey matter and creates a neuronal connection between the two hemispheres of the brain. That's why scientists think early musical preparation helps students both to improve their linear mathematical work (algorithms, equation resolution) and to solve mathematical problems (modeling, optimization, problem research). An instrument means that all sides of the brain function much more together.

  3. Learn a New Language

    Learn a New Language

    Learn a new language if you want to improve your understanding and solving puzzles skills. The research found that bilingual people solve puzzles better than monolingual people. If you can effectively master a foreign language, the brain also improves in undertaking psychologically difficult activities such as planning and solving problems.

    If your concentration and attention are sharper when you track the surroundings and will better focus your attention on the systems if you know at least two languages. Indeed, because of its academic advantages, some businesses advise their management to learn a new language. It's a perfect time to learn a foreign language if you're aiming for a higher position. It doesn't just make you smarter, it unlocks new doors you haven't ever dreamed of.

  4. Gardening


    To reap the emotional value of gardening, you do not need much of a green thumb. Gardening can be used as a kind of meditation that lowers in the body the stress hormone, cortisol. The sunlight of plants helps the brain to conduct its tasks easily and improves its intake of oxygen and vitamin D. However, the most remarkable thing is that the risk of dementia is known to decline by 36 percent. This is undoubtedly a beneficial hobby for brain utilization.

  5. Read Anything

    Read Anything

    If you like the New York Times or old classic cómics, brain scientists tell us that reading improves brain activity in many fields. The new neuronal networks are activated as new intelligence is processed. Reading flexes certain parts of the mind that solve problems, see patterns, and interpret what others mean about their feelings. It enhances memory, draws on prior learning, and activates areas of the brain that activate creativity.