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13th Dec 2021

Imagine being at a party where you want to be in the spotlight, where you want to impress a certain someone or where you want to network with people. You are presented with an opportunity to come up and perform something, impromptu. You see a guitar, you pick it up, you strum your favourite tune and set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Can you think about how it will work wonders for you? Well, if you could not, it is probably because you do not how to play the guitar! This is where we come in. The Hobby Tribe is the hub of all e-learning courses online. It is run by best-in-class mentors who are driven by passion, the course is tailor-made to suit across age groups and the courses are varied right from art & craft, to creative writing and learning musical instruments!

What are you waiting for? Connect with the best guitar tutor near you on The Hobby Tribe and sign up for a free trial right now! If you are not convinced yet, let me give you a couple of reasons to get you started.

  1. It is therapeutic


    Fight me on this one, playing the guitar is therapeutic! Once you learn how to strum the basic chords, you are going to be lost in the art for a few minutes, sometimes even an hour. You will be able to take your mind off other stressful things and concentrate on something that offers calm, peace and serenity.

    It also almost instantly relieves you from being anxious. It makes you feel more relaxed and releases all stress. This is due to the complete attention a guitar demands when you are at it, not letting your wavering thoughts hinder your process.

    So, the next time you feel life is kicking you hard, think about how picking up the guitar can make you feel better!

  2. Meet new people


    Although you are going to be taking the guitar learning classes online, the opportunity to meet like-minded people is immense. You are going to be surrounded by people with similar interests, and who is to say that your hobby is not going to turn into your passion and you end up forming a band that tours every single month?

    Apart from that, you know how we started this off. You know you will be the most attractive person in a room when you walk in with a guitar. You know you are going to grab some eyeballs. There is also a finite chance you may find a person you are attracted to. The prospects are many!

    Now you know how to impress someone effortlessly the next time you want to!


It’s high time you stopped searching ‘guitar tutor near me’ and being disappointed about not finding one.

The opportunity has come knocking at your door. The time is right, the time is now! What better way to get started than a free guitar class during a time of your choice. This will be followed by your induction into the beginner level classes where you will be learning how to strum a few basic chords, learn about strumming patterns and even get introduced to fingerpicking!

Jump into the world of music, sign up for a free session right away!