Busting Myths About Having a Hobby
16 Sep 2021

Before committing to anything, it is fair to have your apprehensions about it. In fact, it is only natural. You may have heard certain unpleasant things that would make you averse to it. You may also find that it is not meant for you and the lifestyle you follow. However, unless you do your research, don’t be quick to reach that conclusion. We’ve made it easier for you!

When it comes to picking up a hobby, people tend to worry about a number of things that could hinder their process. Getting around to how you would overcome these worries is the part that we can help with. There are many common misconceptions that people have. Let’s address them once and for all, shall we?

  1. Workaholics don’t have time for hobbies


    FALSE! In fact, people who work, tend to cherish their hobby-time more than others. Since that is their stress buster and release from everyday tension. Take a look at all the billionaire’s, they talk about multiple hobbies constantly. Work should not be an excuse to not pick up a hobby.

  2. There is not much range when it comes to hobbies

    Hobby range

    FALSE! Today, there is no better age to pick up a hobby because of the diversity you find in it. You do have your regular hobbies that have always been around like dancing, singing, picking up an instrument and all that. However, we also have things like videography, graphic design, skateboarding, astrology, slam poetry and so much more that you can sign up for. In fact, ease of accessibility has now made it possible for us to experiment even within dancing, singing, art and all that. You can explore areas within these that are specific to a region. Check out the list of unique hobbies offered by The Hobby Tribe right away!

  3. Hobbies are for kids

    FALSE! While yes, cultivating a habit of having a hobby since childhood is excellent is highly encouraged - there is no reason why an adult cannot pick up a hobby. Think of it this way, would you consider giving up on candy because it is ‘just for kids’? No, right. Most hobbies are marketed to children but as an adult, it’s never late to start one.

  4. Hobbies are a waste of your time

    Waste of time

    FALSE! Pay absolutely no heed to someone when they say this to you. Hobbies are here to cultivate growth within you. You will feel fresh, motivated and get that push to get through your days. It breaks the monotony of your life and gives you a whole new purpose. You are taking care of your mental health - while learning something worthwhile. Is there a better combination?

So there you go! It’s time you stop running from it and embrace what comes naturally. Hobbies are extremely special when you are fully immersed in the experience. The key is to do with all your focus and attention. Also remember, it isn’t like one size fits all. What may work for you, may not for someone else. Get started on your individual journey and if you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch. See you on the other side.