Juggling Instructor

About Me

As Children and then even as adults we get so caught up with our daily grind. It's all about the routine and ensuring sustainability of the that routine. In the process of doing so, we often let go of our childlike curiosity. Curiosity that drives us to learn different things, or understand the different phenomenon around us. Born and raised in Mumbai, I too was part of the circus called life as a media/advertising professional for more than 20 odd years. I started my career as an intern under the aegis of, Shashank 'Quick Gun Murgan' Ghose. I went on to rise up the ladder to become the youngest producer for the show, First Day First Show. I then served the entertainment industry making movie promos/trailers, opening title sequence, music videos, corporate audio-visuals, and advertising commercials until one day, I had an epiphany and decided there was more to life than this. I decided to redirect my creative energy and upgrade myself. I created new skill sets of, Speech and Voice to speak on stage as Master of Ceremonies, Juggling, Unicycling, Juggling in conjunction with riding my Unicycle and also horned the skill of playing a Violin. I tapped into this curiosity and decided that the process of learning shall never cease." 'If ImmyCan, YouCan!'