Abstract Modern Art

Age Group - 5 to 14 years

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Batch Details (P10a)
(Twice a Week, 60 mins per class)
Tuesday 5:00pm (IND ) 3:30pm (UAE )
Saturday 5:00pm (IND ) 3:30pm (UAE )
Batch Type Group
Batch Starts 26th March
1500 3200

For 8 LIVE Classes

( 187.5 per session )

Learning Path

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  1. Introduction to Abstract art and Modern art
  2. Basic understanding of this type of art, its usage, importance and understanding
Week 1
  1. Basic concepts into abstract art and different themes, shapes, objects
Week 2
  1. Learning of different textures and techniques and implementing them into an abstract art piece
Week 3
  1. Basic concepts in modern art, different shapes, themes and designs used in
Week 4
  1. Learning different themes, techniques and implementing them into an art piece

Instructor Details

Sakshi Shah

My name is Sakshi Shah, I’m a student and an artist. For me art is not just a hobby but also a passion which allows me to express myself and defines who I am. I’ve been doing art for 17 years. I believe art is a great way to express and let out emotions of one’s mind as it’s a positive activity and brings out the best in a person. Psychologically it has been proven that art is a great way of therapy and keeping one emotional health in check. It would be my honour to share my art skills with you and be able to spread the same joy of happiness I experience through art!